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Airlines Behaving Badly

Airlines Behaving Badly

United Airlines has changed its employee booking policy. As of Friday, crew members must be booked 60 minutes in advance and cannot bump passengers that are already on a plane. Well, duh. 

This policy change has come about because of a recent incident, captured on video. Normally I don't like to judge an airline or any other company on one incident. Even with video evidence, I'm aware of the fact that I don't know what happened before the cameras started rolling. 

But—wow—this video is crazy.

Postcards: Favourite Instagrams of 2016

Postcards: Favourite Instagrams of 2016

In January, I returned back to Vancouver after an amazing family Christmas/New Year's trip to Oahu. I was craving a bit of winter to contrast the Hawaiian sun and surf, and had to go up in the mountains to find it. I feel #blessed to have this as my backyard. 

A typical February in Vancouver. 

In March, the world was hurting from recent terrorist attacks (it still is). I love the beauty and symbolism of cherry blossoms, which seemed to bloom at just the right time. 

On My Way to Mount Kilimanjaro

On My Way to Mount Kilimanjaro

Vancouver is a coastal city, and my apartment happens to be right near a beach. I pretty much live at sea level. During my nearly year-long preparation for my trek up Mount Kilimanjaro, that was making me the most nervous. How would my body handle the altitude? 

Kilimanjaro is...

Hiking Diamond Head, Oahu

The vista from the top of Diamond Head is impressive. According to signage at this National Natural Landmark site, more than a million visitors summit the volcano each year—for good reason. Its relatively moderate slope, short length, and stunning view make it ideal for both casual and experienced hikers, as long as they can handle...

Living With Aloha

Aloha was the first Hawaiian word I learned, long ago. As a kid, it was funny to have one word mean both “hello” and “goodbye”; in my young mind, those two things were very different.

Over the years, I’ve heard much reference to the “aloha spirit”. Like this 2013 Politico article that ponders whether Hawaiian native President Barack Obama lost...