Jour 2 (Day 2 in Trois-Pistoles)

A church in Trois-Pistoles, QC

A church in Trois-Pistoles, QC

It's Day 2, and I'm starting to find my way. Last night, I watched TV with my host family with French subtitles and my electronic French dictionary. I learnedwhile watching Australia's Next Top Modelthat sur-le-champ means 'right away'. (See, you can learn something while watching reality TV!) I chatted with my host family plenty while we flipped though the channels, and they said I was already making progress.

By this morning, the wonderful lady who will be hosting myself and thirteen others for two meals a day said the same thing! I was quiet during brunch and souper yesterday, partly because I was with one other student who was very good with her French and was chatting away with our host. Me, being somewhat overwhelmed with the immersion process, had trouble difficulty inserting myself in the conversation. Everyone, including myself, is pleased that I'm making progress already.

My two other housemates, both from New York State, arrived early this morning (04:30, early). They both seem nice, so I feel like my housing situation is very good. All three of us rented bikes today. (Mine has a terribly uncomfortable seat.)

We stopped by l`école to choose our afternoon activities; I chose one called Société québécoise and another called Création littéraire. The coordinators are making final touches on our selections tonight, so I will find out tomorrow if those will in fact be my activities or not, and also what my language class level will be! According to the terribly difficult online placement test, I should be one step above absolute beginner, or as the daughter of my host family says, débutant plus. We`ll see!