Cleaning House

There was a period where I was moving around quite a bit. In nine years, I had eight different addresses that spanned five cities on three continents. The logistics of all of that, of course, meant I couldn't possibly keep a mass of possessions. 

With each move, I would evaluate which things I needed to...

Free Hugging in Seoul

Free hugs (photo credit:

Free hugs (photo credit:

Shopping in Myeong-dong one day, I saw a free hugs guy...but I didn't give him a hug. And now I wish I had. So to make up for it, I'm spreading the hugs via this YouTube video.

It's from couple years ago, but it's exactly what I saw. While a lot of neighbourhoods look the same in this city, it looks like there's footage from Cheonggyecheon Stream, Dongdaemun, and Myeong-dong, so it's also a good little tour of Seoul. Let's free hugs! ^^

According to the description the uploader provided, the Korean written at the end of the video means:

Free Hugs In this place, there is love In this place, there are smiles and happiness To find this place, you need not money You just need a little courage Stop. Look around and see your friends and family And share the love Let's free hugs!

Seoul's Subway Shopping

One of my favourite things about Seoul: shopping in the subway stations. It certainly makes any journey more enjoyable! Some stations are lucky enough to have entire underground malls within their tunnels. And I am lucky enough to live one stop away from such a place. These malls consist of small cubby stores stuffed full of clothes, shoes, restaurants, books, household items, CDs and DVDs, and anything else you can imagine. Thousands of shoes tempt me with every transfer. Racks of jewellery sparkle as I pass by. A waffle’s delicious scent wafts through the tunnels and entices me to devour it while I walk to the next platform.