Postcards: Favourite Instagrams of 2016

Postcards: Favourite Instagrams of 2016

In January, I returned back to Vancouver after an amazing family Christmas/New Year's trip to Oahu. I was craving a bit of winter to contrast the Hawaiian sun and surf, and had to go up in the mountains to find it. I feel #blessed to have this as my backyard. 

A typical February in Vancouver. 

In March, the world was hurting from recent terrorist attacks (it still is). I love the beauty and symbolism of cherry blossoms, which seemed to bloom at just the right time. 

Postcards: On Safari at South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

When travellers think of going on safari in Africa, they usually consider places like the Serengeti in Kenya and Tanzania or Kruger National Park, South Africa. Both great places for viewing some of Africa's great wildlife, I'm sure, but there's another place that travellers should consider: South Luangwa National Park in...

Postcards: Favourite Instagrams of 2015

Postcards: Favourite Instagrams of 2015

In January, I took a short trip to Kelowna, BC to ski at Big White Ski Resort. Coming from a city where it's more likely to rain than snow (#raincover), it was awesome to have a couple days of snowy trails and sunny skies. 

To celebrate my thirtieth birthday in February...

Postcards: So Korean

Postcards: So Korean

It's been over six years since I left Korea and moved back to Canada, and yet, somehow, I'm still sorting through my two years' worth of photos. 

These are a few of my favourite things from Korea. Looking back, these are the things that, when I see them, I think "that's so Korean."

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!...


Échofête est le meilleur festival à Trois-Pistoles. C`est un festival pour l`environnement. Il attire beacoup de personnes vient des autres pays monde. Pour mon ateliers, moi et mes camarades de classe avons parlé avec des visiteurs. (Je faisais le même activité avec mes étudiantes en Corée du Sud!) Ma surprise a été de constater qu`il y a des personnes ici qui viennent de Paris!

Il y avait du drame avant le festival cette année car de la manifestation des étudiants à Montréal. Mais, les spectacles continuent! Je suis allée au spectacles vendredi soir, samedi soir, et ce soir. J`ai oublié m`appareil photo vendredi, mais j`aimais beaucoup les chanteurs. C`était rap et ragga en français! Wow. Excellent. J`ai une liste de mes artistes préférés (Samian, Paul Cargnello, Bernard Adamus) parce que je veux acheter leurs DCs quand je retourne à Vancouver.

* * *

Échofête is the best festival in Trois-Pistoles. It`s an environmental festival. It attracts a lot of people from around the world. For my workshop, my classmates and I had to speak with some of the visitors. (I did the same activity with my students in South Korea!)  I was surprised to learn that there are a lot of people here from Paris!

There was some drama here this year because of the student protests in Montreal. But, the show must go on! I went to concerts Friday night, Saturday night, and tonight. l forgot my camera Friday, by I loved the performers. It was rap and raggae French! Wow. Amazing.  I have a list of my favourite singers (Samian, Paul Cargnello, Bernard Adamus) because I want to buy their CDs when I return to Vancouver.

Coucher du Soleil (Beautiful Sunsets Along the St. Lawrence River, Trois-Pistoles)

Il y a des beaux couchers du soleil ici parce que chez moi est proche La Fleuve Saint-Laurent.

* * *

I get to see some beautiful sunsets here because my place is near the St. Lawrence River.

Le Train

J`aime le train. Ils ont quelque chose de intéressant. Je peux écouter le klaxon des train partout dans la ville, et j`aime les regarder alors qu`ils sont à travers la ville.

* * *

I love trains. There`s something interesting about them. I can hear them everywhere in town, and I enjoy watching them as they pass through town.