Mother Tongue: Book Review

Mother Tongue: Book Review

Part of me wishes I could be a part of Christine Gilbert's family. In her travel memoir, Mother Tongue: My Family's Globe-Trotting Quest to Dream in Mandarin, Laugh in Arabic, and Sing in Spanish, Gilbert details her experience (trying to) learn several languages. Her ambitious plan, conceived while she was preparing to give birth to her her first child, is to move to immerse herself and her family in three different countries (China, Beirut, and Mexico) to learn three different languages.

Cleaning House

There was a period where I was moving around quite a bit. In nine years, I had eight different addresses that spanned five cities on three continents. The logistics of all of that, of course, meant I couldn't possibly keep a mass of possessions. 

With each move, I would evaluate which things I needed to...