Monsieur Lazhar (Monsieur Lazhar: Movie Review)

J`ai regardé le film «Monsieur Lazhar» à l`école ce soir, complètement en français. Et je comprendais ça! Très excitante! Le film commence avec le suicidée d`une enseignante à une école primaire. Pire, un étuidiant découvre le corps dans sa salle de classe. Un tragique début! Monsieur Lazhar arrive à l`école enseigner la classe, parce qu`il est un enseignant sans une classe à le temps. La directrice veux engager un enseignant correctement, mais elle n`a pas le temps, donc elle engage Monsieur Lazhar.

Il est un enseignant intéressant. Il réaménagait la salle de classe donc les pupitres sont en rangées, pas le demi-cercle. Pour aider les étudiants, la directrice apporte une psychologue, mais Monsieur Lazhar n`est pas permettre d`être dans la classe quand elle est là. Donc, il regarde des autres salles de classes. Le jour prochain, il simule quoi il a vu le jour avant avec ses étudiants. Lentement, il deviens un mieux enseignant.

Les étudiants, toutefois, ont beaucoup de problèmes. Le garçon qui a découvert son enseignante et son aime se battent. Elle pense que c`est la faute d`il parce qu`il a accusé la enseignante de l`embrasse (que n`était pas vrai; elle serrait lui dans ses bras et il n`aimait pas ça). Ils n`est plus amis. Il dessine des ailes et une corde sur une photo de l`enseignante que il a. Quand Monsieur Lazhar voit le dessin, il va à la directrice, mais elle dit lui pas faire rien. Elle pense que c`est mal pour les étutiants pour parler avec lui. Mais il veux parler avec les étuiants, et il fait quand le sujet survient dans sa classe encore.

Les étudiants disent des histoires, comme un autre garçon qui dit comment son grand-père se sont suicidé aussi. Et, finalement, le garçon qui a découvé son enseignante, après il était provoqué par son aime autrefois, crie et dit que il estime que il est responsible. C`était une scène très émouvant. Monsieur Lazhar explique à le garçon que il n`est pas responnsible.

En outre, Monsieur Lazhar est un réfugié aussi, et il n`est pas un ensignant - sa femme était une enseignante en Algérie. Elle est morte; elle était tué quand ils partaient le pays pour Canada. Elle écrivait un livre à propos de gouvernment d`Algerie et ils estimaient comme ils sont en dangé. Pendant le film, il va devant les tribunaux et à la fin, il gagne l`affaire. Mais, pour parler avec les enfants et pour obtient le poste grâce à des mensonges, il renvoye.

C`est un très bon film, particulièrement parce que je suis enseignante. Le film discute le problème de contact physique avec les étudiants. Je comprends pourquoi il y a une règle, mais je pense quelque fois c`est compliqué. Par exemple, l`enseignant de l`education physique explique que c`est difficle pour enseigner les étudiants comment utiliser le cheval d`arçons sans contact physique. (Ça scène était drôle.) Et pourquoi est-ce les enseignants ne donnent pas une étreinte si ont beson d`une? J`aimais regarder le film, et je suis heureuse que je comprendais ça!

* * *

I watched the movie Monsieur Lazhar at school tonight, completely in French. And I understood it! Very exciting!

The film opens with the suicide of a teacher at an elementary school. Worse, a student discovers the body in his classroom. A tragic start! Monsieur Lazhar arrives at the school to teach the class, because he`s a teacher without a class at the time. The principal wants to hire a teacher properly, but she doesn`t have the time, so she hires Monsieur Lazhar.

He is an interesting teacher. He rearranges the classroom so the desks are in row, not in the semi-circle. To help the students, the principal brings in a psychologist, but Monsieur Lazhar is not allowed to be in the room when she is there. So, he watches other classrooms. The next day, he mimics what he saw the day before with his students. Slowly, he becomes a better teacher.

The students, however, have a lot of problems. The boy who discovered his teacher and his friend are fighting with each other. She things that it`s his fault she died because he accused the teacher of kissing him (which wasn`t true; she ahd given him a hug et he didn`t like it). They aren`t friends anymore. He draws wings and a noose on a photo that he had of her. When Monsieur Lazhar sees the drawing, he goes to the principal, but she tells him not to do anything. She things it`s bad for the students to talk with him. But he wants to talk with the students, et he does when the subject comes up in class again.

The students tell some stories, like another boy whose grandfather also committed suicide. And, finally, after being provoked by his former friend, the boy who found his teacher cries and says that he feels responsible. It`s a very emotional scene. Monsieur Lazhar explains to the boy that he is not responsible.

As well, Monsieur Lazhar is also a refugee, and he`s not actually a teacher - his wife was a teacher in Alergia. She died; she was killed when they were leaving the country for Canada. She had written a book about the Algerian government and they had felt like they were in danger. During the film, he goes to court and at the end, he wins his case. But, for speaking with the children and for lying to get the job, he his fired.

It`s a very good movie, especially because I`m a teacher. The film discusses the problem with physical contact with students. I understand why there`s a rule, but I think that sometimes it`s complicated. For example. the PE teacher explains how it`s difficult to teacher the students how to use the pommel horse without physical contact. (It`s a funny scene.) And why can`t teachers give a student a hug if they need one? I liked to watch the movie, and I`m happy I understood it!

à l`école (In Which I Find Out My French Class Placement & Celebrate By Eating Sugar)

This morning, I finally found out which class I was placed inand it wasn`t débutant plus! I`m actually going to be taking an intermediate (whoo!) course called University French 1. So far, so good. My teacher speaks trés lentement, so I can understand about 80-85% of what he says.

This afternoon, we also had our first workshop, les ateliers. It turned out to be an explanation of the program (the rules, a discussion of how to properly ride a bike in town, a tour of the school, the distribution of town maps and program calendars, etc), but perhaps tomorrow we`ll get started on discussing le société québécois.

Finally, this evening was my first excursion: we toured a cabane à sucre just outside of town. Our "hike" was really just a few steps into the forest to look at a cabin that isn`t in use right now (as it`s summer, and so not exactly in season), then we returned to the parking lot area and ate our sack dinners. I wondered if that`s all there was, but of course not. It`s complicated to explain -- in English,  let alone in French -- but somehow we pressed syrup off of a trough full of snow and onto a small paddle so we could eat the syrup like a popsicle (pictured). It was delicious. After some French camp songs, we were given another paddle covered in sugar, this time of a solid variety that looked like peanut butter. It was also delicious, but tasted much, much too sweet for me.

Maintenant, je suis trés fatiguée. A whole day of French is a lot to handle. Plus, I`m trying to meet people and learn their names, which is already a difficult task for me. Also, trying to write a coherent journal at the end of the day is probably not the best timing -- especially since I would like to start writing en français. Brain overload today; it`s time for bed. Bonne nuit.

Jour 2 (Day 2 in Trois-Pistoles)

A church in Trois-Pistoles, QC

A church in Trois-Pistoles, QC

It's Day 2, and I'm starting to find my way. Last night, I watched TV with my host family with French subtitles and my electronic French dictionary. I learnedwhile watching Australia's Next Top Modelthat sur-le-champ means 'right away'. (See, you can learn something while watching reality TV!) I chatted with my host family plenty while we flipped though the channels, and they said I was already making progress.

By this morning, the wonderful lady who will be hosting myself and thirteen others for two meals a day said the same thing! I was quiet during brunch and souper yesterday, partly because I was with one other student who was very good with her French and was chatting away with our host. Me, being somewhat overwhelmed with the immersion process, had trouble difficulty inserting myself in the conversation. Everyone, including myself, is pleased that I'm making progress already.

My two other housemates, both from New York State, arrived early this morning (04:30, early). They both seem nice, so I feel like my housing situation is very good. All three of us rented bikes today. (Mine has a terribly uncomfortable seat.)

We stopped by l`école to choose our afternoon activities; I chose one called Société québécoise and another called Création littéraire. The coordinators are making final touches on our selections tonight, so I will find out tomorrow if those will in fact be my activities or not, and also what my language class level will be! According to the terribly difficult online placement test, I should be one step above absolute beginner, or as the daughter of my host family says, débutant plus. We`ll see!