Postcards: Favourite Instagrams of 2016

In January, I returned back to Vancouver after an amazing family Christmas/New Year's trip to Oahu. I was craving a bit of winter to contrast the Hawaiian sun and surf, and had to go up in the mountains to find it. I feel #blessed to have this as my backyard. 

A typical February in Vancouver. 

In March, the world was hurting from recent terrorist attacks (it still is). I love the beauty and symbolism of cherry blossoms, which seemed to bloom at just the right time. 

Nothing much to write about this one, other than it makes me laugh. April hikes bring fun surprises. 

Breaking #newyorkcity #nyc #breakdance #graffiti #streetart #architecture #city #travel

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May was full of weekend adventures (taking my 2016 "have mini-vacations" travel resolution very seriously): a chill weekend in Whistler, a party weekend in NYC for my sister-in-law's bachelorette, and a camping weekend in Washington State.   

I've said it before and I'll say it again: A perfect June evening in Vancouver involves sunshine, a Canadians baseball game, and fireworks. 

Now obsessed with surfing, a highlight of my July was finding a surf spot in Greece. It wasn't easy to find; despite nearly 14 000 kilometres of coastline, Greece has little in the way of big waves. But difficult is not impossible. And the same could be said for my surfing: once again, it was a struggle to get up on the board, but as usual, it didn't matter. I'll get the hang of it someday!

In August, I celebrated the Swiss National Day (August 1) by skydiving. If you're going to do it, choose a place as beautiful as this one!

I love welcoming guests to my beautiful city, and in September I got to personally greet Prince William as he and his family stopped by for a visit. You're welcome back anytime, Will!

There are a lot of perks to my job, teaching at an independent school, like being flown to LA for a conference or chaperoning a trip to Washington, DC. But my October highlight was a wifi-free week in the wilderness with my grade 8s. At one point during this hike, they actually requested silence so they could enjoy the peace of nature. Heaven. 

For American thanksgiving in November, I spent the long weekend in stunning San Francisco visiting my brother and sister-in-law. (Luckily for us, the results of the US presidential election a few days before did not ruin our fun.)

It started snowing early in December and hasn't stopped since. 

Can't wait to see what 2017 brings!