Daily Life on the Road

In my regular life, I am organized. I have a schedule. I go to work at the same time every day. On Mondays I buy groceries so that I have fresh lunches all week. I colour-code my agenda.

I take my vacations just as seriously. I don't want to know what I'm doing next week, or even the next day. I like to keep moving, never quite sure where I'm sleeping each night. When I hear of something interestinglike a festival I've never heard ofI like knowing that I don't have to schedule that would prevent me from going; I just go. 

But it doesn't mean that travel has to be devoid of any routine. Especially if you travel long enough, life on the road can become your new normal.

No matter where I am, breakfast is always an important part of my day. And when I travel I usually eat only two meals a day, so I try to ensure my first meal is a good one. (Praise the delicious full English breakfast!) In order to get a feel for a new location, I usually spend my first day wandering around on a long walk. (It helps that I try not to book accommodation in advance, so I have to walk around a bit to find a place to stay.)

Both of these were common among fellow travellers on a recent #TRLT travel chat on Twitter, when people wrote about their daily routines on the road. It seems as though travel is not about escaping a regular routine but instead focusing on the simple, joyful parts of it, like a good meal and a long walk.

What daily routines, if any, do you have when travelling?

How has your daily life changed due to your travel experiences?

What is your daily life like on the road? Do you have any routines to tend to stick to when you're away from home? Let me know in the comments below! 

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