à l`école (In Which I Find Out My French Class Placement & Celebrate By Eating Sugar)

This morning, I finally found out which class I was placed inand it wasn`t débutant plus! I`m actually going to be taking an intermediate (whoo!) course called University French 1. So far, so good. My teacher speaks trés lentement, so I can understand about 80-85% of what he says.

This afternoon, we also had our first workshop, les ateliers. It turned out to be an explanation of the program (the rules, a discussion of how to properly ride a bike in town, a tour of the school, the distribution of town maps and program calendars, etc), but perhaps tomorrow we`ll get started on discussing le société québécois.

Finally, this evening was my first excursion: we toured a cabane à sucre just outside of town. Our "hike" was really just a few steps into the forest to look at a cabin that isn`t in use right now (as it`s summer, and so not exactly in season), then we returned to the parking lot area and ate our sack dinners. I wondered if that`s all there was, but of course not. It`s complicated to explain -- in English,  let alone in French -- but somehow we pressed syrup off of a trough full of snow and onto a small paddle so we could eat the syrup like a popsicle (pictured). It was delicious. After some French camp songs, we were given another paddle covered in sugar, this time of a solid variety that looked like peanut butter. It was also delicious, but tasted much, much too sweet for me.

Maintenant, je suis trés fatiguée. A whole day of French is a lot to handle. Plus, I`m trying to meet people and learn their names, which is already a difficult task for me. Also, trying to write a coherent journal at the end of the day is probably not the best timing -- especially since I would like to start writing en français. Brain overload today; it`s time for bed. Bonne nuit.