2NE1 "I Don't Care" Video

There's another girl group new to the K-pop music scene: 2NE1 (pronounced similarly to "twenty-one"). These four ladies (CL, Dom, Minzy, and Dara) were introduced alongside the K-pop's favourite boy band, Big Bang, in the song "Lollipop," which was both a single and a commercial for LG's Cyon Lollipop cell phones. They're first single, "Fire," which I don't remember hearing about from my students. Now they've released their second single, called "I Don't Care." It's about finally distancing oneself from a bad boyfriend---and it's catchy, too. I have to say, 2NE1 scores 3/3 with me. I'm a fan of these girls.

I Don't Care 2NE1