BoA Sings "I'll Eat You Up"

Of all the K-pop songs I've heard in the past 22 months, this one is still my favourite. Kwon Boa was born just outside of Seoul in 1986 and was discovered by the head of SM Entertainment at the age of 13. Since then, as BoA ("Beat of Angel"), she's had success as a singer/dancer/model in both Korea and Japan. This year she went to the good ol' US of A in search of success there, as well.

I found out about BoA not through my students, like usual, but throughYouTube Live concert in Tokyo (yes, I am a huge nerd).  And the first time I saw this video, I became a fan. This girl can dance. I can imagine trying to break into the American music scene is tough for an Asian pop star (it's hard enough for Canadians, for goodness sake), but I hope she makes it.