Go-Stop Game

Go-Stop is a classic Korean card game. It comes from Japan, where it's called Hanafuda. It's wild, fast-paced, and anything but easy---despite what my students wrote. I tried to play it once. I went to a co-worker's dinner party and after our meal we sat down to play a card game. I'm personally a big fan of card games ('King in the Corner' and 'Weehole' are a couple personal favourites) and was excited to learn a Korean game. They pulled out the Go-Stop cards and we got started.

Learning the rules was next to impossible; they seemed to change at a whim and multiply by the dozen as the game went on. I can't even begin explaining the rules, so take a look at this explanation here.

I told myself I would learn the game and even bought myself a deck of Go-Stop cards, but I haven't had the nerve to play again. One day...