Jewelry's "One More Time"

There's another K-pop song that has caught the attention of all my students, causing me to eliminate some more vocabulary from my classroom. I am no longer able to say "one more time"---something I often say during speaking exercises---without my students singing that particular line in this song. And they can't seem to sing it without the accompanying dance move (the one where the index fingers come together).

This song doesn't appeal to me as much as Wondergirls' "Tell Me" or Big Bang's "Lies," both of which had their run as female middle-schoolers' songs of choice in the fall and winter. All three songs are heavily played.

Recently, I was walking home from school and three stores in a row were blasting their music onto the sidewalk. The first store was playing Wondergirls, the second was playing Big Bang, and the third was playing Jewelry. I was laughing the rest of the way home.

Check out Jewelry's video for "One More Time".