Happy White Day

Just last month, on 14 February, couples all over the world celebrated Valentine's Day. On Valentine's Day here in Korea, couples don't exchange presents. It's only the women who buy chocolates for their significant other. But in the spirit of equality, White Day was created for the fellas. Today, on White Day, men are expected to reciprocate with gifts for their special lady, of course more expensive gifts than they received. Men usually give candies, jewellery, dolls or stuffed animals, or flowers.

I just learned that there's a special holiday for couples on the 14th of every month. I missed the first one of the year, "Diary Day" on 14 January. On this quiet holiday, couples can exhange diaries marked with their anniversaries and other important dates so they're ready for the year ahead. Then, Valentine's Day and White Day in February and March are the two most important couple holidays of the year.

I'm counting down the days (only 31 to go!) until the next holiday...