Beware the Motos in Vietnam

Vietnam has a way of causing visitors to doubt their ability to cross a street. Guidebooks and locals advise you to break the strict rules your parents taught you as a child. "Don't look at the traffic as you're crossing," we were told. "Just walk straight ahead. If you look at the motos coming at you, you'll hesitate. And that's what causes accidents."

I've been crossing the street safely for over twenty years, and I credit those successes to looking both ways and not stepping in front of a crowd of oncoming motor vehicles. But, well, this is what travelling is about. Breaking rules, stepping out of comfort zones, taking chances, learning new ways to cross a street.

I took this video on my last day in Ho Chi Minh City. Of course, some streets we encountered were busier, some were emptier. Most didn't have traffic lights like this intersection. But it's a look at the traffic game we played everyday.