Attend a Korean Baseball Game in 2 Easy Steps

A Korean baseball game is not just about the sport; it's truly about the spectacle. I found myself not watching the game as often as I shouldheck, I don't even remember the team names. Instead, I was watching the crowd and the cheer squads. It didn't take long to catch onto the requirements for attending a baseball game here.

There are only two steps to attending a baseball game in Seoul:

  1. Beer. Just because. We bought huge cups of beer from the beerman in the flourescent green uniform and settled in our seats to watch the game. Beer here is cheap, unlike its MLB equivalents, so there's no excuse.
  2. Cheer. And for goodness sake, get yourself some cheer sticks. There is a cheer conductor on top of the dugouts to lead the cheers, with the assistance of about five female dancers, so you can follow along with the rest of the crowd. The team at bat has every one of their fans on their feet, but when the inning was over and the other team heads up to bat, relax and sit down while the other team's fans show their team spirit.

Baseball games here are loud, crazy, and fun. Koreans can teach MLB fans a thing or two about supporting their team!