Life After Ghana

Hey everyone!

I thought it was time to write a nice long email to the Ghana Crew....and I promise it's because I miss you all and not because I have so much researching and paper writing to do today!

Life after Ghana: My last couple weeks in Ghana were spent with Jac and Megs travelling around Niger, which was (as expected) beautiful, wonderful, and amazing. We bussed direct to Niger (48-hr bus ride!) and then spent 4 days driving around the desert with our Francophone guides "Chaz" and "Iggy". They even taught us a new card game called Toureg 8's! We then headed to Benin and learned a lil about voodoo before heading back to Accra and spending some time in the freshly cleaned Shangri-La pool! Then I spent a few days in England and managed to meet up with Flo for a couple days and Ian in Wales and shop at Oxford Circus with Anna H.!

Flying home was alright, and I even managed to not cry when I saw my family again! They all made it to the airport to meet me so I felt special haha. I was lucky enough to spend my first few weeks just visiting friends, answering numerous questions about Ghana life, and relaxing, then I flew to England and France with my whole family for a 3-week vacation in July! We rented a boat a cruised the Thames for a week, then spent the rest of our time enjoying the heat wave, and stopping at plenty of art museums and even catching the end of the Tour de France. I guess you could say I was still living the African life---all relaxed and time wasn't such an issue---so I had a great re-entry! And in August I was able to meet up with a few first-termers in TO so it was nice to see them too!

Now, my tan has definitely lightened although everyone says I'm still not white haha. I am busy in my final year of uni schoolwork and looking for an human geography internship around here. There's so much work! All my classes are seminar-style so there's lots if reading and independent learning which is rough on a girl who hasn't stretched her mind academically for a year! And I'm working at the mall too, and I've never worked during the school year but since I spent all my money in Africa it's become a necessity! I get to wear business suits though, so I feel very professional and adult haha. I bought a scrapbook, so I can start putting my photos somewhere safe and put all my memories together. I also bought a big book to rewrite my journals altogether in one place, but as you can imagine this is all a very big task and will probably take me a while to complete!! Finally, I'm excited because I'm going to the Rascal Flatts concert in a month and I'm super-pumped already---I know not very many of you are country fans but they are my faaavourite country band and I definitely recommend you all download some songs hahaha. The leaves are starting to turn yellows and reds now, and it's starting to get cold which is making me miss those constantly sunny and sweaty days in Ghana...

Alrighty, I miss you all and I'm throwing this out there: if anyone wants to visit, you're always welcome. Niagara Falls is (almost) a wonder of the world and it's only 20 minutes away, and that and me should be enough to attract you to visit!! Don't forget to write me and send those pics!