Final Exams at Ghana U

Hey Mom!

Exams are a mess right now. The problem is that the International Programs Office originally told us Canadians, ISEP, and CIE programs that exams would end the 13th or 15th (I can't remember which one) and so people booked their tickets for those dates. But now the exams are scheduled until the 20th, so people are having problems with their flights. And the exam schedule didn't come out until very late (much later than last term) so people couldn't find out when they were finished until near the end of the semester. So to fix this problem, they are saying that if one foreign student in the class needs to move their exam forward, every other foreign student does too, AND they're making the foreign students walk around to the various departments and talk to the professors ourselves to reschedule. Believe me, this is the most difficult task---profs are completely annoyed by this and so are we!! We're speading all our time first trying to track down all the foreign students in each class, then trying to find a date and time we can all do it, then trying to locate the prof to tell them and make sure the dates ok with them! And this is all occurring now, when exams are already going on and we should be studying!

So I'm pretty busy these days doing all that, studying, and trying to get to Kumasi---a city I haven't explored yet, and Aburi Gardens, and this festival in Winneba this weekend, AND do some shopping all before the end of exams. Then, I'm planning to go to Niger (again) with Megan before we fly out of here!

Lots of love,