Weekend Adventures in Volta

Hey family! I went away to a small village in the southern Volta Region this weekend. There were 28 of us---a large group, we took over!--and it was awesome. Most peopl in the village don't speak any English, so that was interesting. This girl Rochelle, from Chico State U in California, organized the trek; the village is the home of the grandma of one of her good friends here, so we met all of his family and stayed at his grandma's house. On the hard floor, but it wasn't too too bad. She cooked all our meals for us too. We went to the beach Saturday and Sunday, and played with the kids in the village.

The most exciting part was when we saw a housefire, and we all helped out and gathered water. It was incredible to be there for that and see the people all work together. Apparently some kids were burning something in the field and it got out of control and made it to the straw-and-stick roof of the nearby mud-house so it caught on fire. No one was inside so it was okay, no one seemed that upset. They said the kids who lit the fire would rebuild it. They absolutely loved that we "obrunis" pitched it and carried water over so the fire wouldn't spread. They broke into laughter when they saw me with a bucket on my head! We got so many thank yous. It was a nice relaxing weekend, and I got to know some other international students I didn't really know before, which is always nice. Anyways, that was my weekend!

I'm looking at taking some time off and going to Mali in March.