Weekend Adventures in October

Hi everyone!

I hope things are going well as everyone is settling into school, work, parties, etc. I thought I'd update people as to what I've been up to. I know I've been saying this a lot, but I will get pictures up soon! Soon!! haha

School is winding down---only 2 weeks of lectures left. I haven't been doing so well at attending all my lectures though, as most Internationals here, because we're all finding them so boring and repetitive of stuff we've learned already, like high school level in some cases. It's really sad. But I'm thankful that I feel like I'm able to go out and do other stuff, like go out at night and travel on weekends. How's the midterms going? Good luck on those yet to be written!

I've been travelling for the past 3 weekends, which have been awesome. Ghana is an awesome country! Even travelling on my own, I'm not worried about my safety (is that a good or bad thing?) and people are always helpful and willing to point me in the right direction. I went about 4 hrs west of Accra to a beautiful beach at Akwidaa. The resort was gorgeous, and I spent my thanksgiving camping out in a tent on the white sand, swinging in a hammock, and lazing about under palm trees. Not bad eh?

The next weekend, a friend and I went to Cape Coast, about 3 hrs west of Accra, and spent a few days checking out some slave castles. These castles are beautiful buildings, and it was interesting to learn about the slave trade from an African perspective. I'm reading a book called The End of Racism by Dinesh D'Souza (a great book by the way, definitely recommended!) so I'm really learning a lot about that period of world history. We also went to Kakum National Park north of Cape Coast and walked on some suspension bridges at the rainforest canopy. No monkeys to be seen unfortunately. We stayed at a "botel" that was built above a crocodile pond.

Last weekend, I trekked out to the Hohoe, in the Volta Region about 4 hrs north-east of Accra, right near the Ghana-Togo border. This part of Ghana is naturally beautiful, with mountains and the largest man-made lake in the world. A great place for hiking. I hiked to some fabulous tall waterfalls at Wli. The next day I hiked up this small mountain to see 6 caves---some with bats---and another waterfall. It was so incredibly hot, the sun was soo intense. And my guide took me down the wrong path so I was weeding through tall bushes and grasses and I couldn't see where I was putting my feet. I kept tripping, it was hilarious. And there was definitely some rock climbing involved, and i definitely fell a few times (but there was a rope to hold so you wouldn't fall far, dont worry Mom and Dad!). Not exactly my most graceful moments, but it was fun. And the views of small towns in the valley were amazing.

My friend Andy and I crashed a party at the US ambassador's house last night. We had no idea what this party was for, but it was CLASSY and FUN. I was pretending to be from Caledonia, northern California haha. We didn't stay long because it was invite-only and we were minus an invite. (We bolted when he was searching for our names on the list. Andy knew the band---that's how we knew about the party). But we enjoyed some good dancing, good vodka and cokes, and good finger foods! Apparently it was for a golf tourney that's happening all weekend, so when we were asked if we golfed and we said no, I'm sure we confused a lot of people haha. But I made friends with the Bulgarian ambassador haha. Good times.

People's parents and families have been arriving for visits, so we've been hanging out with them quite a bit. It's actually nice to have family around! Comforting.

So those have been my adventures... I'm having a great time. I hope everything is well in Canada, I miss you guys! I hear it's been cold and rainy in Ontario---I wouldn't mind some relief from the relentless heat! My friends here are all, Yeah you're from CANADA! haha.

Alrighty, hugs and kisses! xoxo