I Would Have Named Him Kalyppo

Hey Damian!

How are ya buddy?! I hope things are awesome, as usual with you. I was having an hour-and-a-half long taxi adventure through a new part of the city when I spot a monkey on the side of the road. I pointed it out to the driver and he said, "They're selling it," which of course gets me all excited. "How much does a monkey go for?" I asked. He thought for a moment and then said, "About 1.5 million [cedis, which is about US$150]." I was seriously considering picking the cute lil guy up, but that rationality and logic caught up with me and I managed to resist. It was adorable, but buying a pet monkey in a country that doesn't exactly value hygiene and sanitation probably isn't the best idea. But isn't that so exciting?!?! I was thisclose to buying a pet monkey. One day... hahaha

Anyways, I thought you would like that story. I was thinking of you! Enjoy yourself buddy!