Tropical Tears

Hello friends!

So the weekend wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I met these cool people from North Carolina who were just away on some tour and since there was only the 4 of us for a while we really got to know each other quickly and they are really really cool, and the one guy is a surfer and he's really funny, and the other guy has been travelling all summer and he has long hair, and the girl is really nice. (Apologies for the run-on sentence!)

I was feeling just fine actually, really excited that first Saturday morning, however I was hungry and so I left to go to the market just down the street from my rez and that proved to be a disaster and a half. I only had American money on me and the banana lady didn't know how much to charge me, so she gave me 10 bananas (note: I only asked for 1 originally) and 10000 cedi, which I knew was too much but she told me to take it and so i was like ok.... So then I move on towards the bread person and they were speaking some English but I could not understand and I was trying to buy some bread, but then the banana lady came back and took my money and started talking to the bread person and they were talking for a really long time and there was this huge big disaster...and I managed to walk away with 3 bananas and a loaf of bread and some scrambled eggs for $2US, and as soon as I walked away I started crying and just couldn't stop. I was just like, Why did I come here?

Oh but that's not the end---no no. So I manage to leave the market before I started crying, but then these 2 guys who were with the bread lady decide to follow me and talk to me, so I was so embarrassed to be in tears at this point. They probably thought I was crazy. So they follow me to my rez but the guards outside my rez won't let them in, which I was thankful for, so I leave and go to my room and cry some more. And then there's a knock at the door and it's this girl who I guess is like a resident helper person, anyways she comes in and she's like, "You shouldn't be entertaining those guys." And I was just like, "I didn't ask them to come with me, they just followed me." And she was like, "You shouldn't let them, not all those guys are good guys. They just want to come to your room and take your stuff. " So I felt like the biggest idiot. That was the worst time ever. That morning sucked more than anything else before.

Luckily it has only gotten better since then. Gunther, Ben, and Catharine, the North Carolinians,  are nice.

I went to go see a football (ie soccer) game the other day, it was good. Accra is one dirty town. Little boys run up to the car windows to wash your windows at red lights, or sell fruit or bread stuff. Reminds me of TO in a way, only way worse. But oh! Things are sooo super cheap here. Like a meal is about 2$, or a beer is about 50 cents and it's almost twice the size of a Canadian beer, and it tastes good. Oh! Another thing! There's basically no public washrooms here, so you have to go wherever, whenever you feel like it. It's kinda it's own way.

Ok I think this email is long enough haha. I just thought I'd let you know that I'm doing much better. Oh, but pretty much everyone but me, the Ottawa girl (who isn't going to be my roommate for much longer, I'm moving to a different room maybe today or tomorrow) and Ben are only staying for the first term.

Anyways, I need to go. Bye!! Love you!