A Letter Home on My First Day in Africa

Hey guys! I made it! I got in late last nite, and even though I managed to sleep for a good portion of both flights, I still fell asleep right away. Wow do I ever miss you guys..... It's so quiet, there's hardly any students here right now. Apparently some arrived but have gone travelling for a bit, but there are a lot still to come. But this other student from Chad told me that there's an internet cafe 5 mins from rez so I came right away (that's where I am right now haha, anyways....)

International Students Hostel, University of Ghana

International Students Hostel, University of Ghana

So Africa is completely different from Canada, in case you had any doubts. Completely. Different. I have 6 pages of notes already from my adventures, and I've done basically nothing. I'm quite lonely actually, but once Monday comes and I can actually do stuff, like get their money, I should be fine.

Alrighty, so here's some details so far. It's half tropical looking and half desert looking....2 completely different landscapes I know, however, they are combined here. There's no hot water I've discovered, so cold showers for the next 10 months. I'm getting a roommate from Ottawa tonight. I saw wild lizards running around when I went for a walk this morning. Laundry facilities=sinks. The rez is a square building that has an open courtyard in the middle.

I'm running out of computer time, but I just really wanted to say hi. I have to figure out how to send picturess still; I'm trying. Miss you guys!! Write me.

Lots of love,